Kids Cooking Classes!

Every Sunday 12-1 pm! Reservations only – call ahead, only small groups 5-6 kids.

$25/per child

Includes: meal (changes for each date) + dessert + 1 drink (water, milk, juice)

Call us to find out nearest availability!

Great idea for private party or Birthday! Feel free to contact us for more info.

Cooking Classes for adults!

Available services: private cooking class, cooking demonstrations, hands on group cooking class.

$100/person, minimum for 2 people, including drink from Chef.

Chef Shabo will prepare full 3 course menu from global cuisines You love most, using freshest ingredients from local markets, will share with You shopping tips, will teach You 5* chef’s hacks and skills, lots of fun and laughs provided complimentary!

How it works:

  • book private class at the restaurant, at Your home kitchen or a meeting room You provide (chef Shabo will bring everything necessary).
  • Choose the cuisine or ingredients you wish to learn how to cook (or use the list below for ideas).
  • Choose the type of cooking class: cooking demo or hands-on cooking class.
  • Enjoy the culinary art! 

Popular themes:

  1. Romantic Dinner Classics
  2. Mediterranean Oasis
  3. Pharaoh’s Cooking
  4. Art of Barbecuing
  5. Gluten Free Eating
  6. Vegetarian and/or Vegan Paradise
  7. Kids Healthy Meals
  8. Sushi Station “Roll&Rock”
  9. Spices and Secrets of India
  10. Home Made Pasta
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